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Providing Customized Care Since 1994

New Britain Chiropractor, Dr. Francis Vesci, with patient. Dr. Francis Vesci has been providing the patients of Chiropractic Center of New Britain with comfortable, convenient and customized care since his office opened in 1994. We welcome all family members, although most of our treatment is adult-oriented. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to help you heal in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our goal isn’t to just get our patients out of pain, but to introduce structural change and improvement to the body. We are pleased to hear the great results many patients get:

  • “I’m not as fatigued anymore.”
  • “I’m able to bike longer than I used to.”
  • “My golf game is improving!”
  • “I’ve stopped snapping at my kids all the time.”

We recently had a patient come in with ongoing back pain, who asked if chiropractic care could help her constipation. She was only able to use the bathroom once every 7 to 10 days. By the end of her treatment plan, and accompanied by improved nutrition, her frequency changed to once a day. This type of health enhancement occurs when the function of the body improves. Our approach goes far beyond pain relief.

Helping to Optimize Patients’ Health

Our mission is not only to assist people in getting well but to help them understand the negative impact that structural imbalance creates in their lives. It’s very rewarding to see our patients reduce or eliminate their medications and resume activities that they were forced to give up.

You’ll find that although we can get you out of pain quickly and comfortably, we’re not a pain-centered practice. We take a structural approach to wellness and use computerized postural analysis to measure the beneficial changes occurring in the body. Our care also includes customized physiotherapy and nutritional guidance when it’s indicated.

We accept most insurance and offer our patients convenient scheduling and free parking. See for yourself why we’re known as the go-to office in New Britain. Schedule an appointment today to see us; you’ll be in good hands!


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