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Chiropractic Center of New Britain Reviews & Testimonials

Feeling Better by Leaps and Bounds

Timely appointments, great explanation for care and how adjustments work and how they help. I’ve been helped with a long term issue and any short term issues that have cropped up in between. My back has been feeling better by leaps and bounds and my posture has also improved over the months.

- Viktoria Z

Instrumental in Helping Me

My first visit was several years ago. Dr. Vesci has always been very thorough in his testing and is always willing to answer my questions. He was instrumental in helping me recover from whiplash from an automobile accident. I knew it was critical that I seek his help right after the accident

- Carol S.

Extremely Pleased

Extremely pleased with the team.

- Jose R.

Kindest Practitioner

Dr. Vesci is the kindest practitioner who really listens to his patients. You will feel comfortable and welcome the minute you walk in the door. You will get better with patience and persistence.

- Ginny B.

Very Pleased with the Results

From the moment I walked into office, I was greeted very warmly. I was referred to Dr. Vesci by a former employee who truly understood my pain, so I thought I would take a chance with this newly introduced chiropractor. Boy! Was I ever surprised! Dr. Vesci used methods other than what had been practiced on me. Sure, I initially felt some soreness which I had not previously experienced, but, as time went on, I could feel my body responding positively to his methods of treating this 68 year old body. I am very, very pleased with the results I have been feeling! And because I was immensely pleased, I referred 2 other people whom I thought would benefit from his expertise! Great office personnel… so friendly and polite… good people!

- Elisabeth G.P.

Attentive To Individuals Needs

Dr. Vesci is wonderful. He is honest, helpful and most important, attentive to the individuals needs. He is realistic with the amount of treatment/therapy you need, and does an excellent job of explaining what he is going to do and how it will make the patient feel better over time. He sits down and comes up with a schedule that is tailored to the patients availability and always make sure that you are comfortable with any/all treatments he will administer. Dr. Vesci has tremendous bedside manner, making you want to come back and receive more treatments from him. I have never been a fan of going to see doctors before, but Dr. Vesci breaks that mold. I look forward to my bi-weekly maintenance visits because of the comfortable nature his office, his staff and he projects. Highly recommended for anyone looking to relieve pain.

-Nick J.

I Feel Well Cared For

After being away for awhile and in trouble with my chronic issues, I couldn’t help but feel I was ‘back home again’ when I came for this appointment. I feel ‘well cared for’ at his office, though I don’t always do such a good job on my own. Dr. Vesci gives his recommendations, his encouragement, and his support, as well as his expertise in natural health care freely. Thanks, Dr. Vesci.

-Ellen R.

10 out of 10

This was not my first experience with Dr Vesci. I have recommended him to friends. A 10 out of 10 rating.

-Joyce K.